Weird that you can’t go to the local office to get another modem. Where can I find this, my sysytm id not eorking properly without it. I’ve always had a 92mm computer case fan on my modems, so not sure about it being cooler. Do you have problems or none? My problem is my upload is almost non-existent at night direct uploads won’t work, and upload tests won’t even start. Is that Motorola cooler? Well, the ambit modem would lockup and freeze but not reboot by itself.

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For those who have Ambit cable modems – Time Warner Cable – Legacy | DSLReports Forums

I had to resort to using an FTP app on my Droid smartphone just to be able to do my job during these times: Lance Reagan July 14,9: My problem is my upload is almost non-existent at night direct uploads won’t work, and upload tests won’t even start. Sorry, I meant modek as “radder”. Azteka March 21,4: Are we seeing the end of the road for the Windows NT kernel? Aaron M Member Nov Off — modem is not receiving power On — modem power is activated and receiving power. Enet, sync, power, ready and receiving light all working.


Also we have wireless home theater and it keeps dropping programs in the middle of shows and sometimes wont pick up internet again.

That sounds right for my downloads. Does yours lock up only during file transfers?

Ambit U10C018 Modem

Ya you should just discontinue your service and sell or give your computer away. This did not work, but turning the router off and on again while the modem remained on did the trick.

Dedicated cable cured the problem. All the usual lights. What about non-CA members? We are running through the router to a wireless modem. During the last days, I have been having problems with my upload at night, and I have the exact same modem, Ambit U10C, but I don’t now if my problems have to do with the modem. I’ll see if they can give me a different modem and see if that helps.

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Is there a aftermarket cooler or fan for this item? Rob — Correct, re: It seems like the logs only reports errors, whereas the Ambit would show every single event.

Does yours take a while, quickly, or random? Rental car lied to me! If its blinking it means that your computer is not communicationing with modem through ethernet. I am a web developer, and I rely on uploading often since I need to upload websites. But after minutes, there is lag. There’s definitely an issue with the Ambits. The logs are less detailed than the Ambit.

AMBIT CABLE MODEM Default Router Login and Password

About Contact Privacy Policy. Would this problem be with the modem or something wrong in the computer.

I could alway limit the bw to one third the speed to avoid the ambit issues but this is unacceptable since I’m paying for 10M, not 3M or less.

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