Now, I know that fingerprint readers can easily be defeated by jelly-babies , but it annoys me when something doesn’t work. Just got a reply from Authentec: To post a comment you must log in. Release Notes for Ubuntu. No reply at all — no surprise to me at all: You’re missing my point.

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AES fingerprint reader not recognized – after upgrading to Ubuntu Jonas Strassel jo-strassel wrote on Presumably Canonical can ask for the information under NDA and write a non-free binary blob driver and provide it via that route? Man, you are great, thanks, hopefully will be merged in master soon.

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Confirming that the libfprint does support this device so if it is not working then there is a bug somewhere. I’ve put the full specifications documents up linuc http: We can also share the USB spec with you directly, if you register to our Developer Program and let me know your user id.


Robert Ancell robert-ancell on Sad, but I have learnt to live with this.

Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. So unless a big corporate suddenly decides it has to fund Canonical to have the driver, Canonical will have to fund the project internally or it will never happen.

I have investigated driver, but this device communicate over encrypted transfer, I have written to authentec and they won’t provide driver nor documentation.

AES fingerprint reader not recognized worked in This model didn’t work ever so, I have this device one year, and it didn’t work and doesn’t I have investigated driver, but this device communicate over encrypted transfer, I have written to authentec and they won’t provide driver nor documentation.

Equal or bigger monitors are working properly. High freq sound is weird anyway, no such issue here Resources Attachments Some configuration files and sample outputs.

Forum discussion and howto for bit, using non-free drivers Seems to be supported as of Works for Me TM. If you’re a developer and want to participate in the effort I would suggest to get involved via the fprint community.


Overall Status

But it makes some weird sound, like high frequency beeping. Neither works, but displays the chip and says it uses AES driver. Keep in mind Ubuntu Scott, I don’t think I was missing your point.

Lenovo only sell T with Windows so they only care about Windows drivers. EAB adair-boder wrote on This site authentc Akismet to reduce spam.

Thinkpad Fingerprint Reader AES2550 / AES2810 by AuthenTec Inc. and Linux

Update your packages database, upgrade packages: In the ppas list you linked “08ff: Problem is, that communication between OS and device is encrypted. Perhaps there’s authetnec sb out there that has it and can confirm this a bug.

AES autnentec reader not recognized On Ubuntu, use PPA at https: Privacy policy About ThinkWiki Terms of use. I would love to test this on my T Audio Works out of the box.

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