Register now while it’s still free! If its value 0xC0 this is a complete record. With that you need to scan the Audit File only for database changes which can be a scan for new rows only based on the last Audit ID processed. I changed the properties of the executable to allow this. Join your peers on the Internet’s largest technical computer professional community. Table definitions consist of column, index and memo definitions.

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This is the main mechanism how TopSpeed fps its pages. Effectively monitor data c,arion in TPS files New records need to be identified Changes to existing records need to be identified Transmit data as an HTTP client at regular intervals Receive data as an HTTP server on-demand Write new data and update existing data in TPS files based on the received HTTP data The assumption I have is that Clarion is obviously going to be well suited for the data access portion of the app, but less suited to the remote aspects.

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However, as I could not find any documentation on how to use it, I skipped this option. In that case a special extension mechanism is used marked by the 0x80 bit of the byte.

There are several other record types, such as memo 0xFC and table definition 0xFA records. The next value is 0x03 which indicates that the previous byte should be repeated 0x03 times, claruon 0x00 0x00 0x00, then the next value is 0x07 indicating that a further 0x07 bytes should be copied as-is. Red Flag This Post Please let us know here why this post is inappropriate.


Lets examine the pages further, because that’s where the data is. As said it’s part of Clarion, but buying the whole product for a conversion utility is a bit expensive. The Database Browser has been a huge help for me. The next page in the block is at address 0x and so on. Ask developers of App “A” whether they can add an auditing feature to their application FullRecord from http: Most of the system functions do not seem to be supported by the TPS driver or I have not figured out the syntax for them!

It appears it does. Hi, Thanks for your reply.

Getting the data out using TOPSCAN involves a lot of clicking, first you have to make sure you’ve got all the columns visible, then you need to do the export.

I though there might be some not so obvious way idbc do it on the windev side. The first length byte is the whole record 0x01D5the second byte is the length of the header 0x With that you need to scan the Audit File only for database changes which can be a scan for new rows only based on the last Audit ID processed.

If you come across any record types that are not understood, please send me a copy of the TPS file if possible. Well, there is some index, although its not complete.

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You’ll notice that the block starts with a page at address 0x of length 0x00FD. Close this window and log in. Hi Will, From what I can understand, App “B” is maintaining a parallel copy of certain tables of App tos in maybe a different database type for its own usage.


However I would like to have a windev program access the same data. The header indicates the kind of record. Syntax error are pretty much all the same and give you little or no information about where and what the problem is. Its in the header as well and pretty obscure.

In the previous examples, the length was always followed by an identical value. In this case type 0xF3 is a data record with the following bytes indicating the record number 0xC3 in big-endian notation!

Hi, I’m hoping to get advice from some sage Clarion programmers. After some searching I found out that they hold the number of days since Envoyer une image depuis un fichier de votre disque. Keep safe and well Peter. I’ll look into FullRecord Strangely enough, for some files, TOPSCAN would display only the column information and not the data itself, while the file was clearly not empty.

As it turns out, those four zero’s indicate the position in the file.

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