Contact your network administrator for more information. Place the green levers on both sides of the fuser unit to their original positions. See System Settings page Replacing the Consumables Replacing the Fuser Unit The fuser unit is a component in the printer that uses heat and pressure to fuse toner onto paper. Remove a new fuser unit from its packaging. To protect the drum cartridge from exposure to bright light, close the front cover within 3 minutes.

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Your web browser launches and our web site is displayed. Supported Paper And Media Using paper that is not appropriate for the printer can cause paper jams, image quality problems, or printer failure. Problems With the Printer Problems With the Printer If you encounter a problem with dicuprint printer, use the following table to troubleshoot and fix the problem. Pull out the ADF Pad.

CFS 1 – Discontinued. If toner gets on your hands or clothes, wash it off immediately. View our privacy policy before signing up.

Xerox DocuPrint C1190 FS User Manual

Paper Jams in the Fuser Unit Important: Scanning This chapter includes: Safety Notes Warning and Caution Labels Be sure to follow the warning and caution labels placed on the machine. Pull the tray out of the printer. Network Basics Network Basics This chapter includes: Description of Menu Items on page Make selections on the driver tabs, and then click the OK button to save your selections. Printer Docupriny Software This chapter includes: To clear the settings from the previous job, press the Docuprinnt All button once.

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Page Printer Auditron On the displayed page, enter each field and click Save.

Overloading the tray may cause jams. Scanning to Email Scanning to Email To scan to email: A DocuPrint C FS dialog box will appear on your computer asking you to launch to manage the scanned file. Printer Features Printer Features This chapter includes: The increased space between the output tray and scanner doesn’t offer any advantages either — the tray can only handle a maximum of sheets at a time.

Replacing the Consumables Place the drum odcuprint on a flat surface, and completely pull out the eight strips of yellow ribbons from the side of the drum cartridge.


Page Replacing the Consumables Hold the drum cartridge by the tabs at both ends, and slide the cartridge toward the front of the printer. The guide clicks into place. Enabling Automatic Color Calibration Use the following procedure to automatically calibrate the color when installing a new drum cartridge.

Select SimpleMonitor for Asia-Pacific.

On the printer console, press the Job Status button to display Print Menu. Make sure to firmly hold the drum cartridge to prevent it from falling on the belt unit. Companies can’t alter or remove reviews from ProductReview.

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If the print quality does not improve after carrying out the appropriate action, contact the Fuji Xerox local representative office or an authorised dealer. Changing The Scan Settings For An Individual Job Adjusting Scanning Options Automatically Suppressing Background Variations When scanning documents with a dark background such as newspapers, the printer automatically can detect the background and whiten it when outputting the image.

About Paper About Paper Using unsuitable paper may lead to paper jams, poor print quality, breakdown and damage to your printer. Printing a System Settings page To print the System Settings page to view current information about your printer, do the following: Selecting 2 sided Printing Repeat Step 1 to print the rest of the even-numbered pages page 2, page docuuprint, page 6. Use this menu to perform focuprint tasks. Remove the jammed paper and any paper that is wrinkled.

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