If you do that, then if you want to use your keyboard to control the volume or the screen brightness, you need to find the Function or Fn key. So, all that is needed is Because of that, eDrum will not offer any drumkits or sounds. It was a “ED88” eDrum:. I’ve been working on a professional rackmount version of eDrum. The iPad is a very sleek device.

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This page is about electronic drums. Most people who see it are rather impressed at how thin it is and e-dgum good it looks. I hear that the iPad is a great gaming device as well but I personally have not purchased any iPad specific games.

This is the latest unit, “ED”: I use it not only for web browsing and email, but it is an excellent reader. Of course, the iPad has a number of well-advertised limitations.


You can expect professional results form your eDrum module. This project has been developed for many years now, and it is constantly improving.

This would be a great way to solve my above problems. Instead, my idea was to take advantage of equipment we already own computer with soundcard, synth, sampler, Anyway, in conclusion I think that the iPad works quite well despite its limitations.


It has in fact changed the way I do some things in my daily life because of its portability and speed. Sometimes, the LEDs will be different colors.

Lately, this problem has been compounded because I have a Macbook Air, but no Ethernet adapter. Let me write a post explaining how to not waste time configuring an AirPort Express.

Home News Download Forum Buy. If you want to annotate your papers, and have some money to spend, then you may want to spend the money for Aji iAnnotate. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see e-drym It has 22 analog inputs, 2 digital inputs, 22 input gain potentiometers, 4 control buttons, one MIDI out and one serial RS out.

If you do that, then if you want to use your keyboard to control the volume or the screen brightness, you need to find the Function or Fn key.

This changes with the iPad. Overall, what do I think about it? Unfortunately it is a bit difficult to read in bright sunlight. Donate to eDrum project Like this project? It was not my intention to design an instrument that already exist and is relatively cheap, like Alesis DM4 or DM5. I made it in a different enclosure. If you get into a problem like that, stick a paperclip into the bottom of the device and hold it there for about 10 seconds.

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This has been achieved by using PIC microcontroller e-dru carefully designed firmware, written in assembly language. I use it almost every day in much the same way that most people might use a computer for consuming information.

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Are you one of those Mac users who generally turns on the F1, F2, keys as standard function keys option in System Preferences? Yet, for some reason, networking equipment and I simply do NOT get along. Even now, my Apple unfortunately stripped out a lot of features, like profile management, from 6.

There are also a number of bug fixes.

Of course, due to a modular nature of eDrum’s design, we can also have a smaller 15 channel version.

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