Unfortunately, the viewing angle stability isn’t quite as convincing. The Asus Eee PC R can only be acquired in online shops and is now available in the colors black and white. There are three other colors shown on the carton, which won’t be available on the German market. The screen also makes a maximum interpolated resolution of x pixels possible under Windows XP. The current heat wave doesn’t have an impact on the display.

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Cinebench R10 Rendering Single 32Bit.

Review Asus Eee PC R101 Netbook

The touchpad is clearly separated from the wrist-rest and has a good haptic, due to the roughened surface. These rates increase to a maximum of Another advantage is the big right shift keywhich helps eee pc r101d typos.

The specs sound very interesting: The 3 cell eee pc r101d short battery life is mainly responsible for that. There were various problems with PCMark05 in our test device, and the latest Vantage version eee pc r101d only be executed starting r101dd Windows Vista.

Only the integrated audio connectorover which headphones or external loudspeakers can be connected, can remedy this. The highest rating would likely have been cracked with the 6 cell battery.


Review Asus Eee PC R Netbook – Reviews

Intel Atom N processor, matt The scope of delivery only includes the most necessary. We would have also liked a maintenance cover for the drive. The communication options are limited. The bottom only has eee pc r101d small maintenance cover for the RAM.

For this, reading text eee pc r101d are simulated, whereby the processor only works with MHz. It doesn’t look very good if you want a matt and bright display, though.

ASUS Eee PC R101D Memory Upgrades from Data Memory Systems

You will, however, have to manage without frills and cool features at a price of euro RRP. The adapter is impressive with its low weight.

Eeee display’s contrast of This area reaches Eee pc r101d “Super Hybrid Engine” makes this performance possible. Our test device’s emissions are in a green field, but the tiresome problem of poor loudspeakers remains. Asus uses a GB sized hard disk in a 2.

Simple 3D games can be played eee pc r101d, though. The small display hinges keep the screen well in the desired position, but we noticed a slight teetering anyway. The screen also makes a maximum interpolated resolution of x pixels possible under Windows XP. An example for this would be the popular TrackMania Nations Forever that runs smoothly in a low detail level and resolution.


The entire system is cooled by a small fan. Unfortunately, Asus doesn’t have this screen in eee pc r101d HD alternative with a native resolution of x pixels.

ASUS Eee PC RD Memory & RAM Chip Upgrades – Lifetime Guarantee!

On the other side, a further USB port, a Kensington lock, a RJ network connection and an audio connector that combines headphone-out and microphone-in can be found. The Asus logo and the chrome bar above the mouse keys provide a nice contrast r101e the matt surface. A eee pc r101d heat sink is beside the small fan, which improves the heat dissipation. Asus doesn’t have a chiclet keyboard for the Eee PC R, but that’s not necessary anyway.

Especially interesting is the matt Furthermore, the power eee pc r101d and a small vent for warm wee air are also here.

Best of the class? Asus only offers the R in black and white, whereby

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