Found another idea from “Tokyo” My printer cx have same proplem.. I got rid of the “parts are end of service life” and just tried printing those instructions. Is anyone able to give direction concerning printer that will not print Scans are great they line up perfectly-no adjusting needed and printing even photos on plain white paper is also great. I’ve been on the Phone to epson and a service guy for an hour and all i needed to do was this reset!

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Have downloaded the ssc utility, can’t seem to get help from that.

Its digital reader slots accept a variety of popular memory cards to let you print photos instantly without having to turn on your computer. Now the darn thing won’t print anything. The CX offers a range of useful copying and printing options. Good for a while This was my first all in one. That quit printing because the purge tube was clogged with ink as well and popped off. This printer was not new and the printheads are clogged.

Again, the resetting of the CX didn’t alleviate the problem and I’m only now starting to address the issues with the HP’s. Privacy Policy Terms of Use. To be honest I had over a hundred dollars worth of ink cartridges left from the last printer and the Epson was the only other printer that would use the same cartridges and that is the only reason I bought the Now I have a Canon Pixmaand could not be happier.

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I attepted to clean it to no avail and ended up replacing the unit. The printer behaves correctly during the resetting procedure, but in the end it still won’t squirt ink. Clean those pads with a damp q-tip. So, i pulled the power lead, and of course it turned off. The tube from the ink tray becomes detached from the tube feeding the pump. Its packed with many features and is a great value.

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My neighbor has a lexmark and I could see the huge difference in the two. SSC cant reset- reason is a “unknown state” of the printer.

Thanx a lot Paul. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

epson cx6600 needs reseting

I have a similar problem, however my Epson CX has stopped just printing the color ink, the black works fine. Any help in finding a direction would be appreciated.

Don’t know if brain is fried or another problem. LCD went out, won’t print even with new ink cartridges, that service error nonsense. Please let me know when this starts to make ANY sense at all because I’m picking up the broken printer today and will be tossing it off a bridge on the way home just to see the splash.


The CX features a reasonably sized sheet input tray behind the scanner lid on top, but the sheet output tray in front is smaller than average. All have been great printers and none has ever been used to excess.

You can replace individual ink cartridges when needed, rather than all at once, to save on costs. I tried the reset cx6600, but the printer didn’t behave like the instruction said it should.

epson cx needs reseting | FixYourOwnPrinter

Apparently epson say there is no reset button! Whwn i press the power up button the green “insert memory card” led lights up momentarily then nothing. Comes with nice photo software. I guess it does need fixing cs6600 all! There is no ink printing on the paper but the ink levels indicate the ink levels are going down.

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