So far so good. I wanted to test the TCV with this soundcard and it works well, except for scratching. How they call this card “Dj” if the first driver release is not working with two of the most popullar dj softwares? By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. What is coming out of the one cdj is perfect and the other has the high pitch sound of the time code as well as music. Posted Mon 12 Sep 05 9: What characteristics have motivated your choice?

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I use it for recording guitar pickup and Time Coded Vinyl.

I’m about to shoot myself at this point. Thanks in advance Brown Posted Sun u46ej Sep 05 1: I can hear sometime like I’m scratching bits or data instead of the song. Posted Tue 13 Sep 05 No particulire difficulty during the installation and handling.

I wanted to test the TCV with es soundcard and it works well, except for scratching. The quality of the connections – both slecteurs three positions phono, line, microphone – The compactness – Robustness case in mtal. It actually was set up 00 01 02 Our members also liked: I was able to reduced the ESI drivers sample buffer towhich fixed the problem.


Forum: Old versions

See description on site dealer or manufacturer. I will test in traktor later – Are they often updated? It seems in the USA and Canada it’s pretty hard to find.

I defintely verified the functionality of the sound card and outside u46jd this program seems to work fine.

VIRTUAL DJ SOFTWARE – ESI U46DJ and built in soundcard

The left deck responds with the time code cd with the esl code coming through and the right side is perfect. Esi drivers never liked virtualdj Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Posted Wed 25 Jan 06 1: So far so good. Sort by most recent most useful. To buy the closed eyes, if you hesitate, tell yourself that it will do you always an external sound card 5.

They are often updated? Cf Drivers – Have you experienced any incompatibilities?

By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. With experience, you do again this u466dj But now the cards are cheaper and more stable.


ESI – Product Archive: U46DJ

Not for price wsi even for what we need. I would recommend holding up before buying this soundcard to use with VDJ. I get the right cd cdj to play but out the left I get the song with time code coming through as well. I try but I see no We turned to the forums, there is a version 1.

ESI U46DJ Manual: Input Section

Did you find this review helpful? For the rest, my plates are still the same, I passed by RMP2 to test the timecode cd, it works fine too although the plates are to escape What characteristics have motivated your choice? I would simply say it is shameful to sell a card with drivers such as non-functional

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