You espect a 1 to 2 point increase per 1Mhz increase on the memory clock with such a card. As you know, all Ti based cards have the memory working at MHz that is why 5 ns modules are sufficient. Ahead there is only SmoothVision, it will help us Hopefully that lets us compress things a bit more while still giving you all the information you need. This is ATI trying to hide from its competitors

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Gainward GeForce2 Ti/ XP Video Card Review

Site design and front-end production by mike kane. This card not only left us with an extremely good experience, but it was also the highest overclocked GeForce3 that was reviewed at that time. It appears to be just a cosmetic tweak away from the sky-blue Special Edition. However, being Gainward it was somewhat inevitable that they put their own spin on things. What I want you to notice in the first two pics is the white substance under the heatsink.

But it comes with VIVO. Massive performance is easily obtainable and the standard clocks look fairly conservative.

But chips gainwafd from Ultra, memory is from Pro, and it is cheaper than the latter. The Golden Sample cards have two modes: But Ultra is too expensive What was the best tech product of ? However, with the increase in core and memory clock like we see in the 3rd graph entry, we get a further point increase.


By reading this site you agree to our cookie policy. Here you can see the front of the box where there is this guy that looks a little worried or something. The card is highly overclockable and given decent cooling could maybe go higher. The cards have a reputation of being solid overclockers, often going well beyond the rated specification and we’ll take a good look at that later in the review. You can, of course, mount the sinks with thermal epoxy if you like. Besides, in our 3Digest you can get thorough information on performance of these cards on different platforms.

When it comes to buying cards online, Gainward has gotten a lot of attention over the last year with their special feature cards. What’s extraordinary in the What’s with my Giants?

This model is efficient enough, and we managed to overclock the chip to MHz and beyond without much effort to install additional cooling. However, such cards are usually equipped with the memory which is available in stock or with a faster memory. I don’t know, but to me it kind of looks like he’s on something.

Noteworthy is the fact that to estimate 2D graphics you should have a high-quality monitor, and if the latter has BNC connectors you should use them.

Too Much Of A Good Thing? The Lowdown On MB GeForce3 Ti Cards –

You can see the increase to Mhz memory gives less than 1fps increase. Ahead there is only SmoothVision, it will help us Moreover, this card has a VIVO onboard, that is why the design is anyway unique. Above around 45fps is decent performance in Aquamark so that’s what we are aiming for. A combination of core and memory clock increases are the key to high 3DMark scores.


It’s not quite as fast as ATi’s R but when the performance is at the levels we saw here, you start to consider more than raw frames per second. The clocks used were able to loop Aquamark without any problems are were perfectly stable.

NVIDIA GeForce2/3 Titanium Roundup – January 2002

Also increased card clocks should show discernable performance increases unlike Unreal Tournament. On an existing operating system installation it would just have been a matter of removing the old cards drivers, swapping cards and rebooting. Both tests are meant to demonstrate whether the card corresponds to its level. Nothing exciting but the performance is free.

It’s a shame that full VIVO capability couldn’t be added to the card since that would give it an added edge.

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