Nickent was trying to do away with them by moving the internal weight around. I have seen many short reviews and comments about the above hybrid and comments vary from “not tooooo forgiving” to gushing like the above. He evidently took a lot of time and thought in his review. After messing around on the driving range with the hybrid, I also noticed the pull hook affect from swinging too hard. One of the managers admitted to me that they had an entire bad batch of these clubs that were made overseas. I also think it serves the lower handicap market better than it does less skilled players.

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What am I doing wrong? The average distance for this 3 hybrid is around yds for me. Even when I review a product, I comment about the pros and cons of it.

Nickent Genex 3DX Ironwood Hybrid

These clubs may be older but I will play them until I find them lacking in the technology department. Just a huge fan I guess I got a clear sense of how the club plays for you and why you liked it. No matter how hard I try or as hard as I hit it. In the future, it would also help if all of us showed a benex more empathy, displayed less defensiveness, and a sense of humor towards each other.


Nickent Genex 3dx Ironwood 17 Degree 2 Hybrid Steel Stiff Flex J135766

The DC sets up nicely at address, sounds great at impact, and feels very solid on good hits. The balance is excellent and with that you can pull off different shots like gene draw, fade or even a stinger into the wind and get distance. Nickent took their time and research on this combo.


Nickent gives you a club that instills confidence. I bought the 20 degree which I hit about the same as my 2iron ish, i thought originally that the 20 degree would replace a 3iron, but it goes alot further, i only hit a 3 like I agree with JD on the cheap grip too, upgrade the grips and replace the headcover!

These Nickent Hybrids are very easy to hit strait, draw or fade if you know how. They are much better for me than any of the other hybrids I have tried.

All products have some of both. It may work well for a lot of different golfers, including those with higher handicaps than mine, but 3cx at the low price point, I would suggest trying before buying this one. Quote Originally posted by rpe4fsu What kind of whiney “you-know-whats” are you guys?

I have a bunch of cleveland and titleist wedges, titleist woods and titleists and mizuno irons so i do believe in quality players clubs, but this is an exception. They can fit into any bag. The hybrids replace them. The head is very forgiving on slight mishits, but you know when you mess up.

It was mildly annoying to have to change my swing even slightly. My new iron set only came with 4-pw so I needed to fill the gap between my 3w and 4i with either a 3i or a 3-hybrid.

Nickent Genex 3DX Ironwood Hybrid

Make sure that you hit as many shaft options as you can to find the right one for your swing and you will obtain a very reliable and good looking hybrid. Performance This club performs very well. I agree with the review.


This thing is unbelievable! In fact, the stock gap between most 2- and 3- irons is only 2 or 3 degrees.

In the unlikely event that values do not appear for a golf club in The PGA Value Guide, a minimum quantity of transactions for the specific golf club model may not have occurred within The PGA Value Guide’s analysis window. 3dc confidence is a club is important because golf is tough enough without fighting your equipment. Legendary Hybrids There’s a reason these were one of the top hybrids on all tours.

I looked at the new titleists which if you like a clean look are the only competition for the venex, but they cost a bunch and at the end of the day, its a hybrid, not a wedge. Skip to main content.

Thanks to companies like Nickent, a recent and significant manufacturer of hybrid clubs, our confidence from about to yards has been restored. So when I hit the Nickent 3DX ironwood with either the stock UST graphite or the iRod, while I was impressed with how the head itself navigated the turf, I knew something was missing – and all my concerns were answered once it got the Aldila NV75 Hybrid specific shaft treatment.

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