Model is the low-voltage model and Model is the high-voltage model. These security modes cannot be used in combination. Parallel Cable 59 28P 50 ft. For such media, this tray may be used in place of the standard tray shipped with the sheet drawer. IBM is committed to environmentally conscious programs for printer supplies. Stapled jobs go to the face down bin only.

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Fonts can also be captured dynamically and saved cached to hard disk or flash memory in the printer. Printer 3157 Font Included Type.

Times Roman typestyles 13 are created from Times New Roman scalable typestyles of the same weight and style. Its media handling capabilities include: For additional information and current prices, contact your local IBM representative.

On the other hand, a lower number means more toner savings level 1 is the lightest setting. If a flash feature and an Optra Forms flash feature are both installed, the Optra Forms flash feature is used. The customer is responsible for: Do not mark sensitive fonts such as signatures and MICR fonts as eligible to be captured.


IBM InfoPrint Color 1357 Supplies

It requires either printer cabinet or 2xsheet drawer with base or two sheet drawers and printer base as prerequisites. The customer is responsible for: When executed, these infoprin will silently install all specified IBM software.

Please call United States ext. The Parallel printer cable features are recommended when attaching the printer to a Parallel port.

IBM InfoPrint 1357 Toner Cartridges – 53P9396 Cartridges

Optional features are available for other network connections. It requires either printer cabinet or 2xsheet drawer with base or two sheet drawers and printer base as prerequisites. It supports both The hard disk with adapter feature is required for a hard disk support. Detailed information on this feature is provided below.

In some cases, the hardware product may have been previously installed. In Windows NT 4. This standard operates at speeds of up to 11 megabits per second Mbps.

Infoprint Color

The following maintenance offerings are available: The customer is responsible for evaluation, selection and implementation of security features, administrative procedures and appropriate controls in application systems and communications facilities. A maximum of MB of memory and 32 MB of flash memory is supported.


Any fonts captured and saved in the printer’s hard disk or flash memory are saved across instances of the writer. These security modes cannot be used in combination. The symbol set names are listed below.

The approximate average yields are not a warranty or guarantee of minimum life, and are provided to assist in initial supplies planning. The range of this wireless adapter depends on the environment, whether used indoors or outdoors and building contruction.

PSF defines fonts as either public or private.

Infoprint Color Printer

That is, only one Ethernet and only one Token-Ring card. This adapter is installed on the printer’s parallel port and receives its power through the parallel infoprlnt.

Optional duplex for two-sided printing. Printing supplies can be ordered through your IBM authorized printer or supplies reseller.

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