This parameter is optional. Not clearing riops on Receive Diagnostics LDI maintenance Allow auto-unthread at fence condition due to servo fatal error, improvement for many “stuck tape” conditions that require a drive power cycle to recover. The device driver must be downloaded from the Dell website. If you specify ON and you enable another method of encryption, drive encryption will not be permitted and backup operations will fail. Data is decrypted on READ operations. Handle internal transfer error if no class3 error recovery is enabled on the host interface.

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Select ” Tape Drive”. FIPS is the US government regulation for Information protection and has certain requirements in order to get certified. Drivd are a few pull down menus to navigate to the correct download as follows:. Document information More support for: Drive should return “Overlapped commands attempted”, but could not remove previous command from queue.

United States English English. None of the above, continue with my search.

IBM Ultrium Tape Drive Firmware – United States

Separate FSC by error reason Write File Mark timeout – Drive code has problem when host send overlapped command in unbuffered mode write. In order to restore your data, you must have the correct database backup and corresponding encryption keys to access your information.

Use the following when defining device classes for LTO-4 drives: FSC 78B5 High stress tape can cause servo error when used in aggressive back and forth motion. First, define your library: Channel change to handle Servo errors more efficiently ADI: Explanation of drive code naming convention: This technology utilizes a stronger level of encryption by requiring bit Advanced Encryption Standard AES encryption keys.


Complete the following steps: Fix aborting correct exchange with new login FSC Internal error on a fibre channel error results in a drive failure U Keys are passed to the drive by a key manager in order to encrypt and decrypt data. Adjustment to head position at beginning of tape operation not noticeable by customer Fix Timeout during rewind from EOT Change IBM legacy cleaning cycle to 2 was 5 not noticeable by customer Code: WORM media is not compatible with drive encryption.

Encryption Enhancement Fail Safe function for unexpected key transition. Exception on allocate buffer.

Not Applicable Operating system s: Contact and feedback Need support? Could result in a second device resetting the drive if physically connected.

Handle internal transfer error if no class3 error recovery is enabled on the host interface. Library control WWNN Fix saturating in curve fit function for Vw calibration Multiple enhancements to improve channel operation improve read and write quality Correction of Log Counters biased to servo error counters to improve error recovery schemes not noticeable to customer Encryption data processing enhancement Improve channel operation improve read and write quality Timeout in unload after auto unthread fail FSC E Media processing failure in code during read Channel code clean-up for code quality only Fixed Deferred Error problem Read error recovery procedure enhancement Unload timeout after unthread failure Head Stopper interferes with Threader during a clean operation, can cause a stuck cleaner tape Mode Page enumeration mismatch Lib: Tape device encryption provides security for data on individual tapes and protects sensitive information that may be transported off-site.


IBM LTO Ultrium 4 Tape Drive Code Fixlist – United States

Tivoli Storage Manager Component: This will manifest as a host timeout or the appearance of an inoperable drive. Setting up Encrypted Storage Pools You can set up encrypted storage pools to protect tapes that contain critical or sensitive data.

Tivoli Storage Manager generates and stores the keys in the server database. For details on supported tape attachment please refer to the System Storage Interoperation Center website.

If data is written to volumes using the new format and if the volumes are then returned to scratch, they will contain labels that are only readable by encryption-enabled drives. Reduce tracing of LDI read buffer command FSC servo failure during normal operations Queued commands not executed after Long erase and aborts issued during long erase.

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