If there is inconsistency between the image and the actual product, the actual product shall govern. If you want to do transfer-rate tests, the Pioneer should be a good judge of quality—if it can read the discs fine, you should be fine. It might be fun to see how write quality is with it and any media you consider to be low-quality. It took 45 minutes to do its job on a blu ray disc copying 35GB over. Download all the 4 zip files. All material or information provided on this website is indicative only. Can’t see the content of this pdf file?

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Download all the 4 ihes112 files. Are there any patched firmwares available?

Ihes112 performance on this website is based on maximum theoretical value. Can it be improved upon?

Lite-On BD Combo 16x Blueray DVDRW Burner Model IHES | eBay

Actual performance may vary ihes112 on hardware, software and overall system configuration. Well, the original thread for ihhes112 drive is here: Do you still have them? You ihes112 have one sample point — the disc took 35 minutes. SMART-X automatically adjusts ihes112 read speed based on ihss112 quality of the disc to ensure the highest accuracy for data and track reads. I am linking it here for visibility. Experience the visual perfection of high-definition ihes112 playback and DVD recording in a drive that is specifically designed for the latest generation of PCs – A length of 17cm to fit in ihes112 smallest of cases.


Do you know if this is just a plug and play? ihes112

LiteOn iHES BD-ROM Drive Specs – CNET

My computer came with ihes112 drive and I when I did a new install it stopped playing BDs. You can compare that to other Ihes112 drives to ihrs112 where it falls.

Please download new software tool ‘ SmartPack ihes112 on Utilties page to check firmware updates for your optical drive s. Start the firmware update.

It was very hard read: It was around the time I ihds112 reading whitepapers, redbooks and learned that all media reads ihes112 subjective that my mind went blank and hard drives got cheap enough.

Hope this is useful to somebody! ihes112


The ihes112 has ihes112 known tweaks. You can download it here: It also prevents buffer under errors guarantying successful burns and the ihes112 write quality SMART-X automatically adjusts the read speed based on the quality of the disc to ensure the highest accuracy for data and ihes112 reads The exclusive ABS self-balancing ihes112 effectively reduces vibration and noise, even at the highest speeds, ensuring quiet stable drive operations.

If you want to do transfer-rate tests, the Pioneer should be a good judge of ihes112 it can read the discs fine, you should be fine. For the ihes112 that gave so much to me liggy, dee and all the others I would be happy to do whatever I can to return the favor.

Exclusive SMART Burn system uses intelligent write monitoring automatically adjusting recording parameters and power level in real ihes112 to give ihes112 best results.


Lite-On BD Combo 16x Blueray DVDRW Burner Model IHES112

Specialized software per manufacturer? As noted in the original thread, there is no way to throw the drive into an RPC1 state, so DVD region protection ihes112 function like they normally do with retail DVD media containing movies.

Any region-free needs ihes112 may have will rely on purely software solutions, like AnyDVD ihes112 the like. Usually, the ihes112 rate tests include a total time from start to completion. No patched firmware exists.

ihes112 Can’t see the content ihes112 this pdf file? It’s using firmware ML02 and the official liteon tool says version ML05 is available but the only info listed is: Ihes112 software utility supports all Lite-On’s Optcial drives!!

If not, you ihes112 be able to use some of the popular Blu-ray backup software ihes112 backup a few discs to ihes112 drive without compression to just get the raw read speed of the drive, in terms of how long it takes to copy.

Short body design perfectly fits in the minimum length drive bays of mini PC ihes112 and home theater PCs. ihes112

Anyways there isnt much mention of the drive on the ihes112 site, or even the ihes112 guys site.

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