Investigating the treasure chest there will provoke an enemy attack. Start forward through the cavern with your preferred partner in place. When you reach the opposite end of that darkened corridor, you’ll walk back into lighter territory. Defeat the Crimson One. Compulsive 50 – Obtain every item. Start by approaching Rico in the house and bring him along as you head outside.

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Reckless Driver? – Infinite Undiscovery Message Board for Xbox – GameFAQs

Now head toward the pier for a scene and then leave the inn. Walk past her and into the building to trigger a cutscene.

Heal if you need to, then move toward it and take out the guards. Ahead, there’s a save point which you should go ahead and use if it suits you. In the same area, you’ll fight some infiite enemies that drop chicken meat and other nice items.

Following the road such as it is; the path is in disrepair and occasionally covered by swaths of sand takes you under an archway where a large snake enemy is waiting for you. Starting toward them will trigger a cutscene.

Imperial Guard 43 Next boss is a new one, enchant earth beforehand. However, there are often times where you’ll need to open a treasure chest or examine a spot or just talk to someone. Start by approaching Rico in the house and bring him along as you head outside. Move the catapult left or right to line it up with one of the archers shooting at you from the walls DON’T hit the gate yetthen hold until the meter fills up and release. Now go to Faina’s house, east of the shop, then leave Sapran.


The start isn’t very complicated, destroy the 6 chains around him and then just blitz him with Grinn Valesti. They’ll approach from above and you can use your standard attack when you see the word ‘Target’ flash onto the screen. After all, you have reeckless text to help you!

Accessed from the southern exit of the Oradian Dunes. It’s likely at this point that you’ll still have some guards chasing you. A party menu becomes available, and you’ll be able now to reorganize your party. Xbox Submitted by Additional difficulty levels become available once you’ve cleared ‘Normal,’ if you want to keep going. Start toward the save point and you’ll trigger a cutscene.

Infinite Undiscovery Walkthrough – Page 3

Eugene is in the far west room, connect with him. This will cause a guard to sound the alarm and an ogre will come out the panel iinfinite passed just a moment before.

Talk to everyone twice then talk to Aya twice. Follow it and you’ll arrive at another fork in the road. Ignore the panel for a moment and proceed to the right to find two treasure chests. Following the cutscene, you’ll appear back in the infinkte recent save room.


Go south all the way back to the portal we came from, then walk back to Halgita using the same path we just did.

Infinite Undiscovery – Walkthrough/guide

Just past where the barrel exploded, you’ll see stairs and a door to your left, plus an alcove to the right with a treasure chest. Continue pushing through the rock dividers while your secondary group helps make enemy encounters easier. Now enter the other northern room to get a scene, then connect with Sigmund.

You’ll encounter some guards here, but they’re easy to slice to bits. The easiest thing to do is sit back and let Sigmund and Edward handle him.

Have Balbagan use ‘Gigatackle’ on it to clear the path, then proceed past a group of enemies to a gazebo with a treasure chest. Now go talk to the shopkeeper at the general store.

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