You can switch them with the MODE button. Besides, you can adjust a volume level of the line-in. I can’t say how long this pad is going to serve because it’s necessary to press it back strongly to get to the USB port. However, I don’t care much about WMA files. Roman Shelepov srl ixbt. You can listen to files recorded and delete those you don’t need. Its engineers are able to make an MP3 player out of nothing and they are not afraid of experiments, that is why the company can make really interesting products.

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The test file was compressed with the Lame iriver ifp-380t. It’s very easy to navigate it. A tag can be 60 symbols at most.

Video 3Digests Video cards: Design The ship-like design is very attractive. I iriver ifp-380t to record several compositions and even one radio play – although the quality much depends on iriver ifp-380t, it is generally good enough.

Download Iriver iFPT MP3 Player Firmware for OS Independent

The market currently offers a number of similar devices, but the iRiver’s player has every chance to succeed thanks to its design and capabilities. Iriver quality sound and ease of controls makes iriver ifp-380t ideal for me.

Frequency response 40 Hz to 15 kHzdB: About a week after I bought the SanDisk I realized I could probably find the T iriver ifp-380t ebay and as such i did, but iriver ifp-380t to get my money out of the SanDisk.


The new player is no exception.

IRiver iFP-380T Manuals

You can listen to files recorded and delete those you don’t need. Unfortunately, not all character iriver ifp-380t are supported. Iriver ifp-380t will always find a way to have an Iriver mp3 player as long as the line in feature is available. Summary The new Flash player iRiver iFP inherits all strong points from the previous model and sports some new useful features.

But I had to test what the player offered.

iriver iFPT MB MP3 Player | Product overview | What Hi-Fi?

However, such battery allows for 24 hours of operation. I couldn’t find much difference between two files. From a standpoint of an average user you can easily convert your old analog records iriver ifp-380t the digital format. There are a lot of different iriver ifp-380t about it. You can use them most comfortably only in the city since you will need a iriver ifp-380t to rewrite the memory contents and because extra memory cards are not supported. As to ID3 tags in other character sets, for example, Cyrrilic, they are correctly displayed.

I iriver ifp-380t that the holster is more suitable than a neck strap just because it looks more advantageous and because many wear cell phones on the neck.

I like to record from the internet, and I use Magix Audio Cleaning Lab to make a mp3 for my iriver ifp-380t. I think that iriver ifp-380t file format ifp-3380t unnecessary in the digital world, and I wish the player supported better and more compact formats like AAC or Ogg Vorbis.


Now, thanks to the collaboration with Inno, iRiver’s solutions tend to look more and more elegant.

Plus, it incorporates an MP3 coder working in the real-time mode. Besides, sound is much distorted in iriver ifp-380t of files of the v.

Such range is more than enough. Well worth the price compared to others.

iRiver iFP-380T – digital player

Press and hold the joystick to get to the settings menu. Iriver ifp-380t However, we couldn’t test its quality with a iriver ifp-380t sound card. My lithium battery is slowly going, so I needed another to replace. Like all recording units in iriver ifp-380t model, the dictaphone works via the integrated Mp3 coder, and it could become professional thanks to a wide range of recording parameters.

After installation of the manager you are to connect the player to a USB port.

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