Products Inspire Learn Blog. Download Now If you’d like to send us an email to ask a question that is not covered in the Community Forum please select an option below. This updgrade program is available for owners of the Memory Craft E Version 1. Choose the memory on the MC where the design is written. Support Register Warranty Contact Us. You’ll learn how to send several designs from your computer to your MC

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Products Inspire Learn Blog. To point to the folder where we want to receive the designs, we go to the PC side of the dialog box, which is on the left. The Send a Design On-line dialog box is divided into several sections.

Support Register Warranty Contact Us. Standard 5″ x 4″, Square 8″ x 8″, AcuFil Quilting 5.

Either way will bring up the Send a Design On-line dialog box. You can send the design to a folder in the Built-in memory, to a folder on a compact flash card ATA card that is inserted into your sewing machine, or to a folder on a USB Memory Key that is inserted into the USB master port on your sewing machine. Select the designs you want to delete. Join the Janome community. The Send button will activate and the arrow will turn red.


The middle part of the box has three buttons for the action you want to do to communicate between the PC and the embroidery machine. Technical related issues with embroidery machine USB drivers, and problems installing or updating software.

The embroidery stitches out beautifully!

Janome America: World’s Easiest Sewing, Quilting, Embroidery Machines & Sergers

This will open the folder and make it available to receive the design. If the name is acceptable to you, you don’t need to change it. If your MC is connected to your computer with a USB cable, you can send several designs that are on any storage media in your computer at one time to the sewing machine. This is done because communicating with the Built-in memory is the default choice for the Send a Design dialog box.

We’ll first get the designs from the Floral Designs folder. The Send button will activate again.

You expect unrivalled versatility from any Janome machine, but the Memory Craft Special Edition provides function to surpass your expectations!

The designs will be deleted from the folder on the MC The left side of the box shows folders and designs on your PC. You can change the name before sending sub the MC We can change the name before we send it to the MC If you have created additional folders in the Jqnome Built-in memory, you will see those in the Folder box also.


Before installing, please check the current version number of your MCE.

Software Updates

Jxnome Customizer where the designs are stored. Products Inspire Learn Blog. I am still learning what its capabilities are The MC can store a lot of designs in its built-in memory, but if the memory becomes full, you will not be able to send additional designs. Customizer will automatically send a request over the USB cable to the MC to receive a list of folders in the Built-in memory.

Janome Sewing Machine Support

A Jef Name dialog box will appear with the name highlighted. This is done because communicating with the Built-in memory is the default choice for the Send Designs, Receive and Delete dialog box.

Products Inspire Learn Blog. Click the Receive action button Step 1.

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