So far, it supports auto-rotation on conversion from laptop to tablet mode, including rebinding the navpad keys and turning the logical orientation of the Wacom tablet to match. I’m still looking at this and have got to the stage where copied from a question I posted elsewhere:. The site says it’s for an X41, but I can confirm that it works on my X61 as well! On occasion the mouse might move on its own for a few millimeters before it auto-adjusts on occasion, but that is fairly common with most pointing sticks on the market. If the stylus still doesn’t work try to reset the bios. Age is no barrier. After a clean install of W10 from the iso file, I haven’t got anywhere with older drivers, but the Windows 7 drivers produce the effect where it is possible to apparently carry out touch alignment, but actual touch use doesn’t work, even in the alignment screen.

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If you want to try it, go to settings, Network and Internet, and scroll down and open Advanced options. Age is no barrier.

IBM Lenovo ThinkPad X Tablet Digitizer Pen Pn01 – | eBay

This way you can at least look at the proposed updates and see if there is anything in there that is weird. Then I think I installed driver 7wgf06ww. Retrieved from ” https: Billaboard Replied on May 8, I removed all the pen and touch drivers again and rebooted.


Sensitivity is great, with a wide range of adjustment possible in the driver menus. Installed xx200 W7 Lenovo support site driver.

Before it updated itself, “System” said Pen and Single Touch”, which is what worked fine in Windows 7. Are you sure you have a touch screen? The rotation is either wacmo using the arguments normalinvertedleft and right or relative to the current orientation using cw or ccw.

This scripts also works with xrandr program version 1.

Lenovo ThinkPad X Tablet Review

How satisfied are you with this response? The above is a simple waacom that you bind to a key I bound it to the “rotate” button on the screen that will let you rotate the screen 4 ways 90,and 0 degrees. Using values from an X41 Tablet CU, the command is: In this review we put the standard and touch-enabled ThinkPad X Tablet head to head, to see how well they perform in ours tests. This fixed it for me.

ThinkPad and other portable computers have integrated Wacom digitiser technology since at least ThinkPad T. The Wacom pen is active, i. Via Touch settings, I got to a touch calibrate screen that responded with a ping and moved on when I touched each target, but when I then touched the screen buttons to “Try Again”, Cancel, etc. I do get a message saying “The tablet driver is not running”. For additional ports as well as an optical this model also offers a docking station connection on the bottom.


Lenovo ThinkPad X200 Tablet Review

Do you have spare stylus you can test with or can you borrow one? Keyboard support is very good, with only a small amount of movement on the right side of the keyboard above the hard drive bay. See our Sustainability Report. Interesting that the working driver is older, I tbalet to try this, I’ll have to look in the registry and see what the values are on that service that needs to be restarted after a restart.

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It fits in the X41 Tablet pen storage area. The laptop comes with the pen by default and has a pen slot on the side. My Windows s200 installation was an upgrade from Windows 7, so I think my next move is to do a fresh install from the iso download and then try the various old drivers that I have.

However, I can’t use my finger on the screen and can’t use the stylus for text recognition.

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