With a room temperature of 76F, the right side of the palm rest was measuring 97F, with the rest of the laptop around 90F. It had all the grunt of the much larger machine, but inside a much smaller package. Next to the UltraNav buttons is the fingerprint reader. There are 15 brightness levels on the X61s. The X series is synonymous with usability and toughness while on the go.

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For my first time taking it apart it took roughly three minutes to figure out z61s the panels came off once the screws were out. Like the T series, the drive on the UltraBase is a super slim 9. ThinkPad owners value function over form.

The X61s seems to me to offer the best of both worlds.

Lenovo ThinkPad X61s Specs – CNET

I personally have always had excellent support from Lenovo. Vertical viewing angles lenpvo not that good — quickly inverting colors at the slightest change of angle from being perpendicular to the screen. The right side was fairly warm to the touch, and when I took the laptop apart to find the cause of the heat, I found that both the WiFi and WWAN cards were directly under this area.


I had to tap the Touchpoint a bit to make it stop. It is not too hot to use, but you may find yourself with sweaty palms after awhile.

Heat output from the laptop is more than you would expect from such a small machine.

The fit and finish is astounding, with no creaks anywhere not even a small creakas well as little unused space. After having spent some time with the X61s, I can see why people have such enthusiasm for the X series and why it is often so well lenovk.

Lenovo ThinkPad X61s Review

I had no problems with the card. The X61s is an ultraportable notebook.

When I get my next notebook, I might go with something smaller like this X The power adapter is x61z model, measuring 4. However, the distance decreased gradually. X61ss allows you to use the mobile phone network for broadband Internet access. As such, compromises must be made. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible.

Users buying the X61 intend to take it with them, which makes battery life of paramount importance. The rear of the X61s. This review will focus on the low power X61s. One thing that surprised me was the loose screen. The review unit came with the larger eight cell battery.


Although it is much smaller than its counterparts, it is every bit as fast. For scrolling, the TrackPoint has no peer. Striking a very good balance between performance and battery life, the Leovo is a highly recommended ultralight business notebook.

It amongst other things sets the screen to the lowest level which made it difficult to use. I liked the screen on the X61s a lot.

With 2GB of memory and a faster hard drive, performance was very good. The screen lacks defined blacks and good contrast.

Lenovo ThinkPad X61 Review

I ran some audio encoding and Photoshop tests on both my my R60 and the X61s. It had all the grunt of the much larger machine, but inside a much smaller package.

After being powered on for minutes, the right side gets pretty warm.

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