Enables soft shadows to be cast from buildings and other architecture on to the landscape. Enables graphics post-processing such as motion blur and bloom. Adjusts the visual quality of water reflections and mirrors. Sign up using Facebook. When enabled, distant players will render faster, allowing more characters on screen at once.

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Video And Performance Tweak Guide

Contents [ show ]. We recommend using at least x Running software using the ION processor will require extra software. Start a New Discussion. Post as a guest Name. When checked, the game runs in full screen mode.

Enables trees and other objects to be nvidiia over distant landscape. For example it happens sometimes in Bree when there are many people there.

Lotro Crashes :: The Lord of the Rings Onlineā„¢ General Discussions

For the most impact for your money, RAM is the best place to enhance your game. Higher values yield better image quality at the expense of performance. Turn this off to greatly improve performance. Use a lottro setting to improve rendering performance in crowded areas. For Jerky Movement that is not affected by changes to the graphics setting this temp fix was found back in closed beta and has worked for many: Retrieved from ” http: I had similar issue and it was about the missing DirectX runtimes in my case so Hurin is right.


Using a lower setting will increase performance. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames.

I will also check the codeweaver forum to see if I can find anything there. We recommend leaving this setting disabled. There used to be an artificial limitation put on Quadro cards where DirectX etc. The Lord of the Rings Online: This option controls the nfidia quality of characters and scenery when a large number of players are nearby. Founding member of Mornost Gwend of Gladden.

Adjusts the overall resolution of textures. Originally Posted by Sucamarto. This engine is highly scalable and even with a somewhat weak system like mine you can still see sights to make your jaw drop in sheer wonder. This setting controls the distance at which complex 3D geometry will be rendered.

A large number of anti-aliasing samples will increase visual quality but may greatly decrease performance. Select your display resolution when running the game in a desktop window.

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So, any way you can increase your RAM, up to what can be utilized by your operating system, it’s worth it.

This setting also controls the distance these shadows will be visible from. Uncheck this option to increase performance. Sets the quality of atmospheric effects such as lotri and snow.

Game Error [], “Could not initialize Direct3D. Enabling this option may slightly increase your maximum possible frame rate in full screen mode, but nvidoa more video memory resources. You may need to try a few times to find a balance of performance and graphics quality that best works for you.

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