I thought we were suppose to check which port is open FIRST and then use that one for port forwarding not the other way around. I was getting no response. After about an hour of trying different settings and trying to ping it I dug out the CD and used the bsearch. Please help, very frustrated. Do you have any points or suggestions? My camera is a NCB

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Naiboo — I have assigned a fixed adress to the IP camera and have set the camera at port It is connected actually through the main hub with cable and I can access it over the Lan.

Had to plug nxb541w there Naiboo!! If I give static ip address to wired, does it also give the same to the wireless?

The problem is I cannot find a way to log in from the internet to see it. I ended up signing up for new internet.

Wansview Ncb541w Wireless Infrared Night Vision Remote IP Network Camera W/pan

Great blog entry and discussion here, thanks! Copy one of the available DNS server names. How do i do a auto refresh? What host are you the usage of?


Wansview IPCamera User Manual(NCBW) by LAWRENCE CAMPOS – Issuu

I can try that. I was using an ethernet cable but will purchase a cross over and try again.

But, you gave excellent instructions and thank you! In this case you need to enable DMZ on your modem. Ok details, installed software from cd, powed up camera linked to rotor mcb541w cat cable.

Then I went to http: Hello, I need some help with email setup as well. I have the NCW camera. Your camera is wifi enabled.

As others have reported, the audio is rather noisy, especially with the older software versions. My camera is bcb541w NCB So i am hoping that if anybody is our there who has a solution, i would love to hear about or if you got it working at your place tell me about.

Am I losing my mind, or is there no link here to simply download the software that came on the CD rom delivered with the camera? Any idea on how to do it? The mobile view works ok though any ideas on how to fix this problem? Turns ncb514w it was because I was on a ndb541w stick and it does not get assigned an external IP address.


I encounter a bug at the firmwere — it only recognize the mask I have tried to use a gmail smtp and a road runner smtp that I have.

As an aside, my regular desktop and Laptop are Linux based and can see the camera with no problem which I figured they nbc541w. From home or work. I am beginning to think it is an ISP issue. It would start the download but not completely finish the install. Anyway maybe somebody will find this useful as I was looking like crazy to solve this problems.

It worked the first time I set it up, the next day: Just another piece of shit from china. The video cannot appear on my browser, and when I click the direction button, the camera move, but for only seconds then stop, no further command could be functioned, the light stop blinking.

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