Nice tutorial — works perfectly. Make sure to get a standalone floppy driver if available or a driver package that includes a floppy driver. It really helps me much. Thank you a million times! Is this article up to date? You are freaking awesome!!!! The Driver Integration Options window pops up now.

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I dont know how nlite integrate sata thank you. Leave the default destination folder and click extract. Once completed, it will display information about the XP installation files.

How do I integrate them? This process is called slipstreaming.

This tutorial will take you through the process of using a third-party utility named nLite to create a new Windows XP installation disc that contains nlite integrate sata SATA drivers and latest service pack needed for Windows XP setup to properly identify your hard drives. Faisal 5 years ago. Click Yes to start the process: What components are safe to remove?


Download and install nLite. This article helped me tremendously.

Integrate SATA Driver into Windows XP Installation CD using nLite

Raymond, I see that this tutorial has been here for many years, nlite integrate sata I am certain that your advice here has been used many more times than you will ever know. Thanks for the nlite integrate sata I was looking for solution to slipstream the drivers. Why is OOBE skipped? Anyway, thanks — I still have some hair left thanks to this.

If you already have a folder on you hard drive with the XP CD contents, point to that. Saved me lot of headache and pain.

Integrate SATA driver with nLite

Obtain the latest or desired Windows service pack from nlite integrate sata Microsoft website. Essentially the version that gives you the individual. Click OK when done selecting the drivers.

Click Next when this is complete. Sam 10 years ago. Fernando 4 years ago.

Bob Still 3 years ago. Choose English default and click Next.


Creating a Windows XP Slipstreamed Disc using nLite

Once the service pack integration has completed above you need swta integrate the SATA drivers you downloaded earlier. Using the CD integratd nlite integrate sata chipsets may render your PC unbootable but most likely will not allow the installer to see your hard drive.

It works fine Thanks for your support. Goverthana 10 years ago. You should now be at the Presets page which should be empty unless you nlite integrate sata used nLite before.

I would not mind donating.

Yechwando 10 years ago. A message pops up saying ” Select where to save the CD installation files for modification “, nite click OK.

It really helps me much. RaMsOc2 5 years ago.

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