You can specify a different proxy. Use the Following Key Pair for Identification. The Join Proxy is a new role that is always assigned to Primary Servers, and can be assigned to Satellites. Starting a Remote Management Operation in Standalone Mode Before starting the remote management operation in standalone mode, install the Remote Management viewer. Click Servers or Workstations and select the device you want to remotely manage. This mode is selected by default for the Remote View operation. The consecutive sessions launched are Remote View sessions.

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Configuring the Join Proxy In order to configure the proxy you must do the following: Inviting other remote operators to join the remote zenwor,s. The following table contains information on the various options available:.

If you want to assist a user by performing a remote session on the managed device where he or she has logged in:.

Remote management fails for Device name

The authentication modes are:. Use the Following Key Pair for Identification. This option is currently supported only on Windows. Select the type of the remote operation you want to perform on the managed device.

ZCM Remote Control is Slow. Tweaks and Tips to Improve Performance

Figure Console-Initiated Session. The Allow user to request a remote session option is enabled in the Remote Management policy. If you choose to use a Satellite you need to assign the Join Proxy. Specify the DNS name or the IP address of the remote management proxy and the port number in one of novvell following formats: If you create a new Remote Management policy, the new policy overrides the default policy.


You remotf provide this file as an input for both the key and the certificate. No other remote session can be initiated on the managed device after a session has been launched in exclusive mode.

Remote management fails for Device name

Enables caching of the remote management session data to enhance performance. As long as this server is reachable by both the ZENworks administrator and the managed device the administrator will be able to remotely manage the device. The management console is typically placed within an enterprise network and the managed device can be either within or outside the enterprise network.

See our new home at SUSE. For information on the available command line options, see Section 2.

The insync state is set every 24 hours at midnight from the statistics process launched by loader. Make sure that the servers are in time sync.

This option is available only in the Remote Diagnostics dialog box. The following dialog is displayed, if you click the More Options link you can see the Join Proxy field, shown below: Fill in the options in the dialog box that displays. zenworkz

If you choose to use a Primary you need to assign the Join Proxy role to the satellite server as shown below: Enables the primary key and the certificate paths to be cached on the management console. If you have not specified the type of remote operation in the command line, a Remote Control remots is launched by default.


Rights Authentication Failed error during Remote Control

To manage devices do the following:. The majagement illustration depicts a remote session initiated by the user at the managed device. If the managed device is a part of the Management Zone, ensure that the certificate presented by the viewer is valid, signed, and chained to the CA, or the SSL authentication fails.

Error that is seen in zdnworks Agent Log: Starting a Remote Management Operation in Standalone Mode Before starting the remote management operation in standalone mode, install the Remote Management viewer.

Displays the File Transfer dialog box, which lets you perform a file transfer operation on the managed device.

Zenwors in the following fields: If you do not want to specify the keycertand CAcert command line options in the nzrViewer command for SSL authentication, ensure that the Allow connection when Remote Management Console does not have SSL certificate option in the security settings of the Remote Management policy is enabled.

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