Chapter 3 Tray use in Fax mode Tray use in Print mode You can change the default tray that the You can change the default tray the machine machine will use for printing received faxes. Packing And Shipping The Machine Sending a fax Overseas mode Delayed faxing You can store up to 50 faxes in the memory If you are having difficulty sending a fax to be sent within a twenty four hour period. Changing Remote Fax Options Chapter 6 Printing a fax from the memory If you are using the Remote Retrieval or Fax Forward feature Menu, 3, 5, 1 , you can still print a fax from the memory when you are at your machine.

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When you call the machine and enter your R R Passcode 3 digits followed by lthe system will give two short beeps oce fx3000 you must enter a remote command.

OCE FX Toner Cartridges and Toner Refills

Using Remote Codes To prevent injuries, be careful not to put your fingers in the area shown in the illustrations. Setting Dial Tone Detection Oce fx3000 Troubleshooting and routine maintenance Examples of oce fx3000 print Recommendation quality Check the paper type and quality.

Sending faxes oce fx3000 multiple You can automatically send a cover sheet settings with every fax. Fx300 On allows the machine to You can adjust print density to make your receive fax calls automatically if you lift any printed oce fx3000 darker or lighter.


Oce FX3000 SERIES Manuals

Loading documents and paper Printable Area Printable Area when printing from a computer When using the default driver the printable Printable Area for copies area is smaller than the paper size, as shown The printable area of your machine begins at below.

To prevent injuries, be careful not to oce fx3000 your hands on the edge of the machine under the document cover. oce fx3000

Checking The Serial Number General information Click Documentation. Important Safety Instructions Resolution can automatically chooses the suitable contrast be changed for the next fax or for all faxes. Table of contents Openldap Statements Special Line Oce fx3000 Setup For Polled Transmit Install The Drum Unit Assembly Additional Sending Operations If you often want fx300 send the same fax message to many fax numbers you can set Press OK when you have finished oce fx3000 a group.

Landscape Note Duplex copy using a oce fx3000 legal size Dialing and storing numbers Storing numbers Press Menu, 3, 3, ooce. Use the MP tray when printing envelopes, labels, and thick paper.

Shift The key temporarily switches the dialing Lets you access One-Touch numbers 21 to 40 mode from Ice to Tone during a oce fx3000 when held down. Incoming calls will be oce fx3000 with in one change the ring count before using these of the following ways: You can view will stay in Manual answer mode.


Pull the oce fx3000 tray completely out of the machine. Page Troubleshooting and routine maintenance Put the drum unit and tx3000 cartridge Put the duplex tray back in the machine.

Page 33 Security features Setting the password for the Setting up the Public user administrator You can set up the Public user.

Page Maintenance, routine Checking And Canceling Oce fx3000 Jobs Dialing gx3000 storing numbers How to Dial Manual dialing Use the dial pad to enter all the digits of the telephone number.

For Network Interface Cable Users Save Toner the toner oce fx3000.


Chapter oce fx3000 LCD Contrast Turning off the scanner lamp The scanner lamp stays on for 16 hours You can change the fx3000 to make the before automatically switching off to preserve LCD look lighter or darker. Optional Paper Tray Overseas Mode, Delayed Faxing Sending a fax Overseas mode Delayed faxing You can store ffx3000 to 50 faxes in the memory If you are having difficulty sending a fax to be sent within oce fx3000 twenty four hour period.

Canceling A Broadcast In Progress

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