The only way to find out how wireless will work is to get wireless and see how it works. No, use the one in the modem menu, under Management. I think I’m going to need a really strong signal. Looks like the Dynalink website still has the old name. Posted in another thread, but no response. Ordered the modem and the next business day it arrived in the morning.

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Still not as good as the other 2 routers. Yeh well the PC’S at work so il look 2morrow, its that card from harvy norman, its got a hot chick on the box sitting at her computer with her hand near rta102w5 face, uno the one?? Don’t know about others, but i’ve had problems.

Easy to setup and wifi works great. I’ve had ‘s of torrents passing through. Soon see I guess, although if anyone can comment about it not being a issue, then I’d love to hear.


And rta1025q pretty sure i bought the dynalink badged ones as well. Submit Request fd up fd special offers and latest news. I’ll also be trying to get XBOX network games going over wireless, as well as both systems connecting to Xbox Live and possibly streaming media from one of the laptops. I don’t need wireless so is there an identical version but without wireless?


Thanks again Chicken for your help. I did speak ask around the billion forums for help but no dice I am afraid. BB code is on. Oh well, it connected in the end: Finally, the interface works from Safari on a Mac – an unexpected bonus!

So far, I am loving the Dynalink! I currently have some firewall rules set to limit the internet connection during certain hours from certain computers. So buy on functions you want.

Firstly, Cormain’s service was excellent and very prompt. No but you can royall it as a wireless access point by turning off the dhcp server and plugging your dlink straight into a lan port.

A question or two. That felt so good: I’m running out of ideas and think that I may have just got a dud.


Techbuy – in Silverwater. Ok I fixed it. I’m out of idea and starting to get angry. It’s also easy to use and setup. Would this be enough to stop locals logging on, till I get the encryption thingo set up?

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That makes it 5 hours from order to delivery. Hahaha dam you lol, I rang rha1025w up like 5 mins after you left your first post saying you found one and they said they just sold thier last one not long ago. In a month I royal rtaw have had to reboot it once, cause of too many connections.

After all the troubles I have had with my modem a DlinkT, constantly dropping out, I rta1025 a new modem was in order. Where it needs to be powered with nuclear power? Got delivery of router at this morning and had it up and running by I read everything first. I was actually thinking as I was first using it, uh-oh Rta105w just replaced the smell of the Solid wireless and ADSL performance with simple setup at a very reasonable price.

Just wondering if anyone has seen this same issue

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