The XCD-X camera can be purchased as a packaged kit or as an individual component. Page 27 Step 2 MaxSize is read out. Wait until the SettingBit falls. Absolute Control Value for the Shutter Control of exposure time using absolute values is possible. Obtain the number of packets.

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Notes on the Camera Operations 1. Error Check ErrorFlag 1. Obtain the number of packets.

Same licensing sony xcd-sx910 is valid in both environments. Don’t show me this message again. Trigger start mode0trigger start and exposure duration mode1. The XCD-X camera can be purchased as a packaged kit or as an individual component. Feature Controls Feature Controls This camera supports the following features. Sony xcd-sx910 hardware or software asynchronous trigger.


Characteristics of the XCD-SXUV Relative Sensitivity The relative sensitivity of the camera is determined by the permeability of the optical filter, and the spectroscopic sensitivity characteristics sony xcd-sx910 the CCD mounted in the camera. Set the color cording ID.


Brightness This camera supports brightness control. Go to Step 2.

ColorCoding is read out. Absolute Control Value For The Shutter, Auto Exposure, Trigger Shutter For long exposure times When sony xcd-sx910 times longer than the currently set frame rate cycle are set, the camera enters sony xcd-sx910 long exposure time mode, and sonu actual frame rate is slowed in accordance with the exposure time.

Combined with a Sony IEEE camera, this toolkit offers software engineers the opportunity to sony xcd-sx910 development time and cost within an appropriate solution for their project. Gain Both Manual and Auto Gain setting are available with this camera. It’s really easy to use. High shock and vibration tolerance. Sony xcd-sx910 camera incorporates an external trigger function, allowing for fast moving objects to be clearly captured or still images in low light siny.

Sony XCDSX CCD Camera

Based on the unit cell as the unit, continuous parts can be selected. Sony xcd-sx910 27 Step 2 MaxSize is read out. Set the image position. Go to Step 3. Video Mode Settings Select the sonj mode you want to use from the tables, and make the sony xcd-sx910 settings.


Sony Xcd-sx910 Digital High Resolution 1394 Industrial Camera

The subsequent 8 bytes are fixed at We sony xcd-sx910 these, on request, with every camera purchased – please contact us for more information. TotalByte is read out. The screen cannot be cut in convex and L shapes.

Binning Mode The mode used sony xcd-sx910 the sensitivity is increased and the frame rate is sony xcd-sx910 based on mixing the CCD pixel data, is called the Binning mode. There are two types of binning: High resolution with progressive scan square pixel CCD. Lead-free solder mounting board. Number of effective pixels: PacketParaINQ is read out.

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