The following values are possible:. Setting a path offline with the dsmUtil utility succeeds regardless of the setting of this value. These options can be combined with the logical or operator to provide multiple areas and levels of reporting as needed. Error trying to insert a new volume. See Confirm Removal Selections Page.

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Not much in here, but my old thread dxm it. The sun mpio dsm PnP process is asynchronous, and, because it is event driven, no concept of completion exists. When installing the DSM driver, you see the message ” This installation package is not supported by this processor type.

An auto-generated named device object representing a drive. You can use WinObj to view the Object Manager namespace that is maintained by the operating system.

If they are not logging correctly, the problem is probably HBA related. If another path does not exist, a failover takes place. Inquiry wait time exceeded. For example, you install MPIO on a host with no storage attached, sun mpio dsm you restart the host.

If the missing keyword is used, all WWN files for previously attached storage arrays are deleted. Typing dsmUtil without any parameters will show sun mpio dsm usage information.


You can also view what the failover driver identifies from a storage array. Unrecognizable sense key received.

HP MSA series MPIO DSM on Windows – Ars Technica OpenForum

Controller unreachable without failback to current which is disabled. Incorrect open type for virtual bus node. Sun mpio dsm utility is used primarily as a way to instruct the DSM driver to perform various maintenance tasks, but the sdm can also serve as a troubleshooting tool when necessary.

When I boot my system, I get a “Registry Corrupted” message. These options can be combined with the logical or operator to provide multiple areas and levels of reporting as needed.

If the exclamation point stays for more shn one minute, a configuration error has occurred.

Sun Storage – How To

The total number of paths to the storage array is the MaxPathsPerController value multiplied by the xsm of controllers. As a result, multiple DSMs can be installed on a single host, each one potentially managing different storage arrays. If new volumes have been mapped to the host, the exclamation point might sun mpio dsm on the icon for a few seconds.

The time, in seconds, a Busy condition is allowed for a failover is performed. How do I know if a host has detected sun mpio dsm volumes? These drivers can be generic in nature or can be customized for the specific storage solution.


Device-specific module overview

You will use MPIO to combine the two paths for each type of disk in the array so sun mpio dsm the OS sees each multipathed disk sun mpio dsm one disk.

Powering On and Off the Array. Sun mpio dsm allows a volume to use all of the available controller paths rather than being restricted to a single Reservation Path as described above. If the disabled device is an adapter, any disk devices that were connected to that adapter are removed from Device Manager. Originally posted by scorp See Confirm Installation Selections Page.

By default, MPIO is configured for active passive path failover. Tue Nov 03, 5: Use WinObj to determine if the host has detected mmpio volumes.

If no other path to the same controller exists, a failover takes place.

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