Printer drivers are located on the WorldShip software directory on your system. You will need to send your End of Day reports to your laser or dot matrix printer. Clean the printhead with a cleaning pen. Learn about Warranty and Return Material Authorization. How can I get service? Where can I obtain UPS shipping labels for my printer? Where can I locate a Windows driver for the printer?

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If the printer is functioning properly, it will now be out of “Dump Mode. Make sure your printer is not in “Dump Mode.

The peel sensor is enabled. Press and hold the feed button. There is a limited supply of spare parts available for purchase on this site.

UPS LP2844 and UPS ZP450 Printer Setup and Troubleshooting

Turn the power on while holding the feed button for 2 seconds only. Scales are available directly from the scale manufacturer not Zebra. Downloading Zebra firmware to your printer will only cause damage. If light remains red or amber, return your printer for service. How can I get service? ups worldship zebra printer


What can I do? A red light may indicate that your printer’s sensors are not calibrated properly to the labels. Remove any accessories, cables, and external power supply prinnter the printer, unless otherwise instructed.

Zebra reserves the right to change Advance Exchange availability on certain product models at any time. Printer installation instructions for WorldShip can be found at www.

I’d like to use ups worldship zebra printer label printer with another Windows application. What connections and operating systems are compatible with my printer?

You will be offered two service options: Your credit card will be charged only for the price of the advance exchange, and parts and labor if applicable. Your printer’s firmware is custom-formatted for UPS applications.

UPS LP and UPS ZP Printer Setup and Troubleshooting

To replace your labels, visit www. Where can I order spare parts for ups worldship zebra printer printer? What if I need to return my printer? Release the feed button. Printer drivers are located on the WorldShip software directory on your system.

If an item within an order is backordered, it may be shipped separately. The light surrounding the feed button should be green.


UPS Printer No Longer Prints from UPS Worldship After Installing Zebra Designer Driver

Your Zebra Support Representative will provide an RMA number Be sure to record this number and retain it for ups worldship zebra printer records and for placement on your shipping box. You can use the same printer driver that operates with UPS WorldShip software to print from another Windows application.

Does the printer come with UPS shipping software? The Zebra printers come with a sample roll of UPS printeer, power supply, communications cable not on internal Ethernet versionsand drivers. Where can I obtain UPS ups worldship zebra printer labels for my printer? How long do repairs take? This option allows you to request a printer on loan from Zebra to use while your printer is being repaired.

Remove any accessories, cables, and external power supply from the printer. What do repairs cost for printers out of warranty?

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